Server Rules

By playing on Hoplite, you agree to follow all of the rules of the server. This ensures that we can protect the gameplay and social experience for all players and maintain integrity within the community. These rules are enforced by the staff members, as they follow their guidelines to carry out appropriate punishments.Our staff members are able to punish for offenses not listed here, if they believe a player’s actions fall within the scope of a prohibited action.

Most of these rules are applicable across all of our platforms. This includes the Minecraft server and Discord server. For more specific Discord rules, refer to the rules channel.

Punishment lengths are determined by severity of offense and previous infractions that the player has committed.

All players are responsible for their account, this includes taking responsibility for any actions performed on the account. DO NOT share your account information or password with anyone!

If you find someone you believe is breaking the rules or you would like to appeal a punishment, please create a support ticket on Discord.

Text and Voice Chat

All players are expected to carry themselves appropriately within all text and voice chats. Text and voice chat rules have similar offenses, but some may be only applicable to one or the other. Breaking voice chat rules will warrant a much more severe punishment.

  • Spamming/flooding chats with the same message or character spam is prohibited.
  • Bypassing or finding alternative ways to circumvent the chat filter is prohibited.
  • Excessive usage of profanity in voice chat is prohibited.
  • Discussing or talking about controversial topics or anything that could be deemed as a disruption to the server environment is prohibited.
  • Misleading players with incorrect information about the server or it’s features is discouraged and may result in a punishment.
  • Discussing, talking about, or promoting the use of Blacklisted Modifications/Cheats is prohibited.
  • Incorrect use/exploitation of server commands is prohibited, this includes using /helpop inappropriately.
  • Revealing the username of a nicked player/streamer, via text chat or voice chat, is prohibited.

  • Toxicity and continuous disrespect of other players, including the use of offensive or obscene language towards them, is prohibited.
  • Use of discriminatory language is prohibited.
  • Targeting/Harassment of players based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other protected characteristic is prohibited.
  • Encouraging suicide, self harm, or threatening another player with death or violence is prohibited.

  • Promoting and discussing other servers/third party websites is prohibited.
  • Linking third party websites or Discord servers is prohibited.
  • Advertising one’s social media, including but not limited to: YouTube, Twitch or Twitter, is prohibited.
  • Phishing for Minecraft accounts/personal information of other players on the server, as well as the Hoplite Discord server, will result in a permanent blacklist.

  • Sharing personal information about any player is strictly prohibited.
  • Attempting to gain personal information about any player, through deception or threats is prohibited.
  • Threatening or carrying out the act of DDoSing/Doxxing is strictly prohibited.
  • Harassment involving any player's personal information is strictly prohibited.
  • Joking or creating fake threats is prohibited, this includes sending fake IP addresses or locations/addresses in the chat.

  • Intentionally boosting microphone volume to unbearable levels in proximity chat is prohibited.
  • Using a soundboard or playing music/sounds into the microphone is prohibited.
  • Making inappropriate sounds/remarks in voice chat is prohibited.
  • All chat rules above apply to voice chat, if applicable.

Gameplay Rules

Violation of most gameplay rules will result in a ban without warning.

Not Allowed:

  • All vanilla mechanics/exploits used for cave finding are use at your own risk. Using them to locate entities is strictly prohibited.
  • Reloading shaders, using F3+A or reloading chunks, to locate entities or caves is prohibited.


  • Strip-mining, staircasing, branch-mining and poke-holing are allowed.
  • “Lava peaking”, or allowing lava to flow into your player’s head to see underneath is allowed.

Refer to Allowed Modifications / Blacklisted Modifications below for modification specifics.

Not Allowed:

  • Sabotaging a teammate’s game by attempting to kill them, excessively hindering their gameplay, or assisting enemy teams is prohibited.
  • Stream sniping any content creator ranks in game is prohibited.
  • Teaming in Solo Royale or crossteaming in Civilization Royale is prohibited.
  • Block-glitching into areas of the a map that other players are unable to access normally is prohibited.
  • Intentionally prolonging/stalling a game by camping far away from opponents and avoiding fighting is prohibited.
  • Creation of inappropriate builds/signs is prohibited, this includes lag machines.
  • Joining a solo game with another player with the intention to relay information and assist their gameplay (spectating, ghosting), is prohibited.


  • Killing players before PvP (aka iPvP) is allowed (obsidian trapping, or other means of damaging players).

  • Use of an inappropriate skin or inappropriate username is prohibited.
  • Using any method to boost statistics, such as abusing a bug or using numerous accounts/alts is prohibited.
  • Partying with players that are using blacklisted modifications is prohibited (This includes teaming with hackers to share loot).
  • Excessively evading punishments via the usage of alt accounts is prohibited.
  • Charging back any payment to Hoplite is prohibited.
  • If your account is deemed compromised, you will be permanently banned.

  • Selling/buying/trading accounts on the server is prohibited, this includes discussion of such topics.
  • Advertising giveaways are prohibited, even if they’re for Hoplite related prizes.
  • Offering to sell/purchase Gems or other store items via a third party platform or service is prohibited.

Allowed Modifications

Here's a list of the allowed modifications on Hoplite. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member in our Discord server!

Mods that only focus on improving the performance of the Minecraft client without making changes to the gameplay itself are allowed.

Some examples:

  • OptiFine
  • Sodium
  • Lithium
  • Starlight
  • Krypton
  • Iris
  • FerriteCore

Mods that adjust the Minecraft client's brightness and gamma settings are allowed.

Some examples:

  • Fullbright
  • Time Changer

Mods that customize and add elements the HUD, without providing extra information that would otherwise be inaccessible to the player, are allowed.

Some examples:

  • Potion/Effect Status
  • Armor Status
  • Coordinates Display
  • Direction HUD
  • FPS Display
  • CPS Display
  • Custom Crosshair
  • Item Counter
  • Block Overlay
  • UHC Overlays

Resource packs/modifications that change the look of the game are allowed so long as they do not alter the core properties of blocks. For example, any modification that would fully remove lava opacity or fog when underneath would be an unfair advantage. A shader pack/resource pack that makes water more transparent is allowed, as the default water texture is transparent.

Some examples:

  • Shaders Mod
  • Replay Mod
  • Lunar Client
  • Outlined Ore Resource Packs

Disallowed Modifications

This is a list of some examples of blacklisted modifications on Hoplite. Any modification that provides any significant advantage over other players is not prohibited.
Before using any modification that does not directly fall into Allowed Modifications, please be advised they are use at your own risk. We do not have the capability to check every single mod that exists to deem it allowed or blacklisted.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member in our Discord server!

Any resource pack or mod that alters the opacity of a block that would normally not be transparent is prohibited.

  • X-Ray
  • Cave Finder

Any resource pack or mod that removes/changes the fog under lava, or makes lava transparent is prohibited.

  • No Fog
  • Transparent Lava
  • Clear Lava

Any modification giving you extra information on an enemy player’s location, items or health are prohibited.

  • Minimap (With and without entities)
  • Health Indicators
  • Item Indicators
  • Loot Beams

Any modification that changes/increases the limits of vanilla Minecraft Player functionality is prohibited.

  • Flight
  • Reach/Hitboxes
  • Speed/Timer
  • Spider/Step

Camera perspective mods that exceed the capabilities of the F5 camera function are prohibited.

  • Freelook

Any modification that automates the player’s actions are prohibited.

  • Auto-clickers
  • Auto-miners
  • Path finding (Baritone etc.)
  • Aim Assist

Use of a Hacked client or Utility mod/client is prohibited.

Any modification that alters the way in which a Minecraft client interacts with and communicates with the server is prohibited, despite if they fit into an allowed category. Please make sure modifications used are client-side only.

Any modification which provides any significant advantage over other players, whether used game or in a lobby, is prohibited.