Download Mods for Hoplite

Download a simple installer with a tailor-made list of popular mods to enhance your gameplay experience, including in-game proximity voice chat.

What is the Hoplite Installer?

The Hoplite Installer is a simple helping hand to install useful mods that can enhance your experience playing on Hoplite. When downloading, a profile will be installed to your Minecraft launcher with various mods, most importantly proximity voice chat. Voice chat will allow you to speak with others in-game, making for a fun new way to interact with your teammates and opponents alike.


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Is the installer a minecraft client?

No. The hoplite installer creates a new Minecraft profile, which installs our mods into a separate .minecraft folder that you can find within your usual .minecraft. You can freely add your own mods, or make any other changes you can normally make to your .minecraft.

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Do I have to reinstall the installer every time there is a new update?

Yes. Currently, whenever an update is made to the launcher, you'll have to redownload it and run the new version to receive updates to our mod selection.

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How do I use voice chat after installing the mods?

Once you have the mods installed and have joined Hoplite, you will have to type '/link' to gain access to voice chat. Completing this process requires a Discord account linked to a phone number. If you cannot do this, you will be unable to use voice chat. This command is not available while in the limbo. The Voice Chat mod will not function in the limbo, and while in the lobby you will only be able to hear friends and party members.

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Can I use the installer with other commercial launchers like Feather Client/MultiMC/Prism Launcher, etc.?

Yes, at the top of the launcher there are two tabs. Click on 'manual mode', then use the file path selector to choose the .minecraft your custom launcher uses, then click install. This supports any launcher that uses a vanilla .minecraft with a mods folder.

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It's telling me that I don't have Java installed when I try to install the mods. What do I do?

First, if you are using Windows, try to use the Universal Installer instead. If that doesn't work, follow the link the launcher provides to you to learn how to install Java, then restart your computer and try again.

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I have Java installed but get a different error when trying to install the mods?

Open your vanilla Minecraft launcher and create a profile running vanilla 1.20.1 Minecraft. Press play, wait for the game to load, then close the game and try to install the mods again.